Outreach & Missions

  • Centro Khes'ed (Armando & Jaday Alarcon)

    Centro Khes'ed is located in Nogales, Sonora.

    This section is under construction, please check back soon for more information.

  • Caring Ministries

    Caring Ministries is a non-profit group that supports the Tucson community by providing food, clothing, and other resources all while sharing the love of Christ. To find out more about Caring Ministries, explore their website and see how you can support them.

  • North American Mission Board- Annie Armstrong Easter Offering

    From March to April each year we give to support missions work across the North American Continent. To find out more about the Annie Armstrong Offering, please visit the mission's website.

  • Arizona Baptist Children's Services Annual Baby Bottle Campaign

    From May to June each year we give to support the baby bottle campaign used to help support the New Life Pregnancy Center. To find out more about ABCS and all of their partners (including New Life Pregnancy Center) please visit their website.

  • Arizona Southern Baptist Convention Mission Offering

    Each September we give to help ministries in Arizona. To find out more about the purpose for this offering, please visit AZSBC's website.

  • International Mission Board- Lottie Moon Offering

    Each December we give to help missionaries around the world so that they can bring the Gospel to unreached peoples. To find out more about the Lottie Moon offering, please visit the Lottie Moon website.

  • Corazón Ministries

    Corazón Ministries is a Tucson based ministry that is aimed to reach the Hispanic and Latino Communities. We are happy to call them partners in ministry to the people of Tucson. To find out more about Corazón Ministries please visit their website.

  • M.E.A.T. & Greet Men's Ministry

    We are happy to partner with other local churches across multiple denominations to reach the men of Tucson. M.E.A.T & Greet aims to encourage and transform the lives of men to become closer to the heart of God. To find out more about this ministry, please visit their Facebook page.

  • W.H.E.A.T. Women's Ministry

    W.H.E.A.T. is a local women's ministry that is aimed at encouraging and transforming women's lives to become more like the heart of God. To find out more about W.H.E.A.T. visit their Facebook page.

  • Good News Club- Oyama Elementary

    We are proud to work with other believers to run a Good News Club at Oyama Elementary School. This program serves as an after school program for kids who attend Oyama Elementary School. To find out more about the GNC at Oyama Elementary, visit our Ministries page.

  • Faith Christian Academy

    Faith Christian Academy is a private Christian-based school that we are proud to partner with. Currently EHBC hosts FCA on the church campus; however, the school is an independent entity. If you would like to know more about FCA and how you can be involved with them, visit their website