Enchanted Hills Baptist Church was founded in 1963 as a small mission plant. A lot has changed since then, but God had stayed our focus. Our mission is to be a loving community by loving the community. We are always learning how to do this more effectively and we accomplish this mission by:

Consistently Glorifying God

Meaningfully Engaging People

Compassionately Loving Everyone

Biblically Instructing Believers

Passionately Pursuing Jesus

Intentionally Sacrificing Everything


EHBC belongs to the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) and is in agreement with The Baptist Faith and Message. We are aligned with the SBC for the purpose of mutual cooperation and support, believing that like-minded churches can accomplish more for the Kingdom of God together than we can individually. EHBC is autonomous and is free of any external authority or control from the SBC. For about what we believe click here.


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