About Us

We are one church with two languages. Founded in 1963, Enchanted Hills Baptist Church has grown from a small mission plant to become so much more. God has always provided for us, from those times in the early years of the church when there was uncertainty over how we would pay for the lights to stay on, to the times when a new building had to be constructed and there were no finances to do so. It was by faith that we trusted God would provide, and time and time again, He did. With a heart of obedience we trusted that God would guide us through the uncertainty, He did. The church was expanded several times over the years until the campus that exists today was built. We trusted God when we felt called to merge the English speaking Enchanted Hills Baptist Church with a Spanish speaking church plant that was using our campus. We believe that God's people should reflect the diversity and demographics of the community around it; after all, the Kingdom of Heaven is a vastly diverse place. As a bilingual church, we believe that God has uniquely gifted us to impact those around us, to show God's love to all people. To work with others of all languages, cultures, ethnicities to make disciples of all peoples in Tucson and around the world.  

If you want to feel a part of a family and community that wants to be like this, please come visit us!