After closing because of COVID-19, we are back regathering in person for our Sunday morning services. We are also streaming the services online. Be aware that we are still navigating the new normal. Therefore, there are a few requirements to attend in person services (see below). The goal of these requirements is to ensure that everyone feels as safe and comfortable as possible, putting the experience of others above your own. Before you return to in person services, please read and agree to these requirements. We understand not everyone is ready to return and we support your decision to attend either format. If you are not comfortable regathering, our goal is for our online church experience to be the same as in person. And if you choose to watch online, we offer online giving. You can go here or text the amount you want to give to 84321 and follow the instructions. 


  • 1. Masks are required for all

    We understand that wearing a mask is not fun. However, aerosolized particles from the mouth is a large way this disease is transmitted, especially in a closed environment with: closed circulation, high velocity aerosolized particles from singing, and higher than normal volume inhaling after singing. All these factors make attending a church service higher risk than almost every other activity. Those who cannot physically wears masks are deemed high risk and should not attend yet. 

  • 2. Stay 6ft apart

    Social distancing is highly recommended by the CDC, 6ft indoors. We know that it is hard to keep distance between the ones we love. However, since you cannot assume what someone else's preference is and we will do our best to follow every CDC recommendation, we will require the distancing of 6ft between individuals or family groups. 

  • 3. Stay home if sick

    We expect everyone to use their best judgement and stay home if they are not well. This includes making sure you are not showing any signs of COVID-19.